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Joseph and Rebecca Harvey, along with their children Olivia Grace, Claire Elise, and Isabelle Anna are medical missionaries in the Republic of Congo, Central Africa. They were serving in the capital city, Brazzaville, while learning the French language. In the Spring of 1997, they were forced to leave the country due to civil war. They are currently serving at a mission hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa), hoping to soon be able to return to the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). Once their language training is completed, they plan to move further north to serve the Aka Pygmies.

Ever since he was 7 years old, Joey has wanted to be a missionary doctor to the Congo. God used the exciting tales of wild animals, saving lives, and other adventures in the jungle as told by veteran missionaries Gene & Sandy Thomas to capture this young boy's heart.

Joe went on to take Biology at Houghton College, then entered medical school at Tulane University in New Orleans where he completed an M.D., Masters in Public Health & Tropical Medicine joint-degree program in 1992, and finished Family Practice Residency at Saint Vincent Health Center in Erie, Pennsylvania, in June, 1995.

Becky also gave her life to Jesus Christ as a child and grew up in a Christian home. She was receptive to missions, but didn't sense a specific call...until she met Joe at Houghton. She graduated with a degree in English & Psychology, married Joe on 6/17/89, and then completed an R.N. degree at L.S.U. in New Orleans. Olivia (7/23/91), Claire (7/25/93), and Isabelle (8/7/96) have taken much of her attention since then.

Please pray for the Harveys and their medical ministry focused on prevention and primary care for the Aka Pygmies, an unreached people group of 30,000 living in the northern tropical rain forest regions of Congo. Now that their medical training is complete, the Harveys plan to study French and Lingala, and then join the Aka church planting team already in place.

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