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Welcome to our newsletter archive site. We’d like to share with you some of our newsletters from the past several years to give you a taste of what our life as missionaries is like, and how God has been working with and through us on the mission field.

Note: The newsletters below were created in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you are unable to read them, you probably need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software by clicking here and downloading the reader for your computer.


November 2019. Read this newsletter (109KB)

We need to let you know of some sad yet exciting changes that are happening in our lives and ministry. Many of you know us personally and have been supporting us for many years, so we think it's important that you hear this news directly from us... Read more


June 2014. Read this newsletter (935KB)

Greetings from Impfondo, Republic of Congo, where mango season is over, rainy season has begun, and the Oubangui River is rising. We consider it a blessing to be serving you and our Lord Jesus Christ as Representatives of Global Outreach Mission to Congo for 19 years now. Thank you for your continued support of our family and the ministry of Pioneer Christian Hospital... Read more


April-May 2012. Read this newsletter (625KB)

Pioneer Christian Hospital has become a fruitful field with thousands of patients receiving care they would likely not receive elsewhere, and hundreds of people coming to Christ every year... Read more


January 6, 2012. Read this newsletter (1809KB)

Pioneer Christian Hospital has become a fruitful field with thousands of patients receiving care they would likely not receive elsewhere, and hundreds of people coming to Christ every year... Read more


February 2011. Read this newsletter (2192KB)

With ongoing violence and rebel activity along the river, we begin to receive a number of wounded combatants . . . During our Christmas Service, the Holy Spirit brings about a revival among our patients and their families! How thrilling to see people who were trying to kill each other a few weeks before, worshipping and praising God together in the hospital chapel! Read more


February 14, 2009. Read this newsletter (734KB)

Warm greetings from Impfondo, Republic of Congo! It is hard to have any other kind of greeting coming from this land! Itís winter here now, so sometimes at night it gets down to the low 70ís and the humidity drops below 85%! We add a blanket and wear long sleeves! Well, the purpose of this letter is not to talk about the weather, but to highlight whatís been happening since our last newsletter, and to thank you for your interest and investment in our lives... Read more


May 1, 2007. Read this newsletter (340KB)

Greetings from Perry, New York! We want to celebrate what God has been doing in our lives and ministry, and thank you for your support. Wonít you take a few minutes to read about where weíve been, how weíre doing, our plans for the future, and our current needs? Read more


May 1, 2006. Read this newsletter (1610KB)

If you havenít heard from us in a long time, itís not because we donít need your prayers, but because God has been so busy answering them! What a privilege to serve God in this place, and watch him operate miracles daily in the life of Congoís first Christian hospital! Today is a national holiday, so weíre finally able to take some time to share some of the highlights of the past 9 months with you... Read more


February 14, 2005. Read this newsletter (1392KB)

We’ve been working full-time trying to start Republic of Congo’s Pioneer Christian Hospital for a long time now. We are getting pretty close to actually being able to hospitalize patients, but recently it seems we’ve spent more time in the hospital than starting one! It started last August... Read more


November 25, 2004. Read this newsletter (489KB)

God is faithful. He has supplied all of our needs to date... That’s good news. The bad news is that we still only have one doctor and one nurse who are committed to serving here long-term. We can’t open a 46-bed general mission hospital without more staff. We urgently need more missionary doctors & nurses, to get started & help train local workers. Is God calling you? Read more


February 25, 2003. Read this newsletter (1079KB)

As the landing gear of our plane lifted off New York soil and we left our loved ones behind, tears began to flow. The stress of months of packing and saying goodbyes finally found release as we let our emotions fly. We were airborne, past the point of no return, on to our third term of service as medical missionaries to the Republic of Congo... A lot of the groundwork has been laid. Literally. It has taken almost a year to level the ground with hoes, since most of the hospital compound had been used to grow manioc... We are poised to make rapid improvements and renovations on the future hospital compound... Read more


September 23, 1999. Read this newsletter (41KB)

Good-bye BONGOLO, Hello IMPFONDO! Of course these may just be funny looking words to you, but for us the mention of these two African towns brings into focus albums full of wonderful people, pleasant memories, and hope for the future. We have left Gabon, and are now safely back in Congo... There is an undeniable need for primary health care in this area. The town elders are very discouraged... Many are suffering--indeed many have died--without seeing a doctor, simply because they have no hope of ever having enough money to buy the simple treatments that could save their lives. Read more